What do want your life to look like?
 Amber has taken her many years of experience combined with the mentorship of all the different successful people she has learned from, to run her new studio 4 years in and keeping some of the old traditions has proven to work. Running a shop with 5 artists and suppling all that is one time use to them can be a lot to do on a daily basis. Their studio is not a run yourself type of business, its a  well oiled machine. Through certain practices old and new she has figured out how to have a team like atmosphere, where everyone works together. Everyone in the studio is personable and never rude, the studio is immaculate in cleanliness and style. The positive vibes along with the down to earth people make simply going to In Living Color Studio a great experience. Being Tattooed there is a privilege if your trying to come as a walk in, the walk ins alone keep some of the artists tattooing all year long without feeling the effects of season. Amber was able to achieve this all organically without spending money on ads or websites. Facebook and Instagram has served as the most profitable way to grow their business.
 She had different mentors, some in business, people skills along with tattoo artists and a couple self-made multimillionaires. Everybody knows if you want to do something in life you just have to find someone who has already done it or has it, follow what they did and get what they got. Plus the 18 years in the industry, her knowledge and expertise really show when it comes to solving a problem, and thats one thing she loves most is helping people. Her vision for the tattoo industry is one of more positivity and growth, helping people in ways that effect the industry as a whole. To address all the other aspects of the tattoo industry, a tattoo artist's job is demanding and can be dark and depressing.
  When you tattoo just to pay the bills and your never doing tattoos you want cause you don't have the time to draw them, thats no life. And as a tattoo artist your life is your work, your an artist. Through mentorship and her systems she hopes to help shop owners and artists make more money, keep clients, and over all have a better life.

Life is too short to slave away tattooing all day, or maybe you are just barely getting by just doing what tattoos you can for money and not what you would want to do. You should love your job and be able to get along with your coworkers. This is art, it cannot be rushed or bound by a budget. Tattoo high paying clients, up your hourly and keep them.

 Amber will talk with you over the phone and see what options you have to better your tattoo career. Don't miss out, her time is limited.

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